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  • Title: Apocalypse of John: Summary of Contents
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    • possibilities of man's evolution. The working of the ego on
    • worked out of the group-soul nature which reached full
    • To-day man works on his soul and will make his body an image
    • working into the etheric body. The helper who makes this
    • aid of the Father, be able to work into the physical body.
  • Title: Apocalypse of John: Introductory Lecture
    Matching lines:
    • spirits of whom we hear little to-day and whose works are
    • old work which is really of interest only to students of
    • the one who set this work for the first time before the
    • weave and work which are imperceptible to the physical eye
    • forces worked upon the formation of the human eye. And to-day
    • completely withdrawn from ordinary life, he must work upon
    • personality a force has appeared which will work into the
    • spiritual love as a force that lives and works in all that
  • Title: Apocalypse of John: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • the Apocalypse expressed in his work the results of his
    • plastically worked into it as ears and eyes. The external
    • as a piece of clay by the sculptor; organs must be worked
    • front of him before he can work the organs into it. He might
    • initiates would have to work from outside upon the astral
    • dimly. How can one work from the physical world upon the
    • hear, smell, etc. When you are doing your work impressions
    • storm upon you all day long and you work upon these
    • the impressions of the external world. These work through the
    • astral body which could work formatively upon it. All the
    • working when the day is over. Imagine this activity as a
    • this resounding would then constitute the force which worked
    • forces have worked upon the physical body. This was always
    • treating life, so that it could reverberate; and this worked
    • in accordance with the divine will. If the pupil works
    • his own being, with that which works within him in accordance
    • those working in the physical world, we say in letters. For
  • Title: Apocalypse of John: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • gradually to work through those changing forms.
    • share in it for he cannot yet work into these two principles
  • Title: Apocalypse of John: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • lived upon the earth a race of men of which a part had worked
    • some-thing upon which they had to work. Thus we pass to the
    • looked upon it as a field of work upon which he had to
    • the sensibly real world, was a field of work. To the Indian
    • through our own work, then in the arrangements we make here
    • work from that in the realm of science to-day. At that time
    • civilization, the Graeco-Latin, when in the wonderful works
    • man never works according to evolution if he hates external
    • works, if he ceases to love external works. The community at
    • Ephesus forsook the love for external works. So it is quite
    • rightly said in the Apocalypse, “Thou hatest the works of
    • Light, I shall work upon matter and embody the spirit in it.
    • he would experience the “second death.” By working
    • was given him in the third age of civilization. Man works by
    • destroyers of the people, are the black magicians who work
  • Title: Apocalypse of John: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • fifth letter as a summons to action, to work. We have seen
    • not work out of the physical materiality, are held back in
    • working in your soul, that which you received in the Indian
    • what you have now worked out, what are now your thoughts and
  • Title: Apocalypse of John: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • field of work.
    • then they drew forth the sun so that they could now work upon
    • from within, while the others worked upon it from without.
    • became later. At that time the will of man worked
    • magically — by his will he could work upon the growth of
    • constituted. If it was good it worked soothingly upon the
    • great extent of a volcanic nature. Man worked soothingly upon
    • force which then flowed in will work together with the earth
    • work.” It was the intention of the writer of the Apocalypse
  • Title: Apocalypse of John: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • itself. Purely objective forces are working in capital, and
    • being, from which they work in life. Men must learn to
    • work; but Christ works in me.
    • does not merely allow it to remain where it works physically,
    • beings. It was they who in the pre-Christian period worked
    • we must not say that the same principle works in all
    • everywhere there will be some who are working in the sense
  • Title: Apocalypse of John: Lecture VIII
    Matching lines:
    • work of education such as exists to-day, but occult forces
    • have the task of working upon their brothers of the evil
    • there is little understanding for spiritual work, this
    • be able to work on matter; it will spiritualize the whole
  • Title: Apocalypse of John: Lecture IX
    Matching lines:
    • unfold in such manner that he will gradually work from his
    • thoroughly worked upon the astral body and taken possession
    • (this is the most difficult work, because the physical body is
    • yet in man's power while on the earth to work so far upon
    • gained the power to work quite consciously in the
    • which made it possible for him to work half-consciously and
    • This half-conscious and half unconscious work
    • referred. At that time the “I” began to work in a very dim
    • “I” worked at first in a very dim consciousness, half
    • of water-vapour, the “I” worked in dim consciousness on the
    • “I” worked unconsciously on the physical body. It worked into
    • the foundation to work out of the group-soul nature a more or
    • what one may call working more or less consciously on the
    • impulse on earth have we begun to work consciously on our
    • they are working upon within their human nature. But when the
    • of our earth must assume. To-day man works upon his soul; in
    • that the work he can now do consciously is done in the
    • image of this work will enter worthily into the spiritualized
    • before he could work on them. These bodies are the outer
    • man does not work in his soul so that this animal nature
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  • Title: Apocalypse of John: Lecture X
    Matching lines:
    • he can work with unholy feelings the same as with holy ones,
    • Only when it is realized that man as a whole being works with
    • the inner framework of a house to the complete building, but
    • horns within him. He must now work upon these through the
  • Title: Apocalypse of John: Lecture XI
    Matching lines:
    • those who do not work upon themselves so as to strip off the
    • the world of bad tendencies works within humanity and that
    • works in the evil forces of man, thrusting back the force of
    • the Lamb, and it works un such a way that a certain amount of
  • Title: Apocalypse of John: Lecture XII
    Matching lines:
    • to-day is small and weak compared with what will work in the
    • during his earthly existence man works from his “I” upon
    • Jupiter-man will have thoroughly worked from his “I” upon his
    • existence to work transformingly from his “I” upon his
    • addition to his professional work and duties he devotes a
    • powerful effect. In this way man works to-day during the
    • develops in his astral body. Man cannot yet of himself work
    • trans-formed his astral body, he will be able to work into
    • capable of beginning the real work on the etheric body. Upon
    • Venus he will work upon the physical body; this is the part
    • effects, so that man shall gradually learn to work into it,
    • helps man to work into the physical body as the Father. But
    • man cannot work into his physical body before the helper
    • conies who makes it possible to work into the etheric body.
    • capacity of working into the physical body who has not gone
    • body by his own power — to work upon the etheric body
    • working into his etheric body in the way that is necessary
    • every occult work and exposition. You may be sure of one
    • the earth will be the body of Christ; and men must work upon
    • they have worked upon this earth with their forces. In all
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