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The Gospel of St. Luke

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Sketch of Rudolf Steiner lecturing at the East-West Conference in Vienna.

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The Gospel of St. Luke

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List of works by Rudolf Steiner recommended for study, among others, in connection with the foregoing lectures:

The Gospel of St. John (12 lectures, Hamburg, 1908).

The Gospel of St. John in relation to the other Gospels (14 lectures, Cassel, 1909).

The Gospel of St. Matthew (12 lectures, Berne, 1910).

Deeper Secrets of Human History in the light of the Gospel of St. Matthew (3 lectures, Berlin, 1909).

The Gospel of St. Mark (12 lectures, Basle, 1912).

From Jesus to Christ (10 lectures, Carlsruhe, 1911).

Genesis (11 lectures, Munich, 1910).

The Apocalypse (12 lectures, Nuremberg, 1908).

A Turning-Point of Spiritual History (6 lectures, Berlin, 1911–12).

Festivals and their Meaning:

Vol. I Christmas (8 lectures).

Vol. II Easter (8 lectures).

Vol. III Ascension and Pentecost (6 lectures).

The Spiritual Guidance of the Man and Mankind (3 lectures, Copenhagen, 1911).

Christianity as Mystical Fact (1902).

Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and Its Attainment (1904).

Occult Science — an Outline. (1910).

All the published works of Rudolf Steiner in English translation and in the original German, also the works of other authors on Anthroposophy, can be obtained from Rudolf Steiner Press and Bookshop, 35 Park Road, London, N.W.I.

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