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  • Title: On the Fifth Gospel: Lecture IX
    Matching lines:
    • human being, for the Zarathustra-Ego had gone out of him
    • unwilling to gaze, where the pain of humanity can feel
    • understand how such words could be uttered by any human
    • “What manner of souls are you? Where is your world?
    • Jordan, he met a man in whose soul there was deep
    • despairing man said:
    • accomplishments had made me an exceptional human being.
    • despairing man was speaking, the being he had seen in the
    • Nazareth. And a feeling came to the despairing man that
    • man saw that Jesus of Nazareth had already passed on. And
    • again before the leper and he knew: Ahriman or a being of
    • Ahrimanic nature is standing before me. While he was
    • him when the despairing man had come to him; hence he
    • and whom He therefore now recognised as Ahriman.
    • and Ahriman mutually paralysed each other's power, their
    • Temptation came from Ahriman alone. And the fact that
    • Ahriman was not completely satisfied, led to events
    • Temptation, Ahriman was able to work through Judas, and
    • and Ahrimanic forces were mirrored in the events between
    • which can make our human evolution on the Earth
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  • Title: On the Fifth Gospel: Lecture X
    Matching lines:
    • said regarding the evolution of humanity on the Earth and
    • evolution. From very many angles we have also tried to
    • of mankind. But now, having heard the story of the youth
    • special mission in the evolution of humanity. We remember
    • of man's being — physical body, etheric body,
    • to develop in such a way that man may find his place in
    • to man for the development of the “I”.
    • comparison lot us say that just as the whole human
    • that Being of the higher Hierarchies with whom man must
    • mankind and the influence of Jehovah was felt to be such
    • Jehovah had made man out of Earth is expressed by the
    • very name given to the original man
    • peoples observed the forces manifesting in thunder and
    • signs indicating man's connection with the
    • influence of the Christ Impulse, humanity now rightly
    • the fact that he formed the first man out of the Earth.
    • it is desired to make a deep appeal to human souls, no
    • evolution of humanity, man and the higher animals were
    • have remained uncontaminated, namely the fishes. Many
    • the language of those days many words had more than one
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  • Title: On the Fifth Gospel: Lecture XI
    Matching lines:
    • German transcript has been slightly abbreviated)
    • that the Nathan Jesus boy was not an ordinary human
    • the Zarathustra-Ego and, as other human beings, had
    • passed through many earthly lives, the Nathan Jesus boy
    • from the Lemurian epoch onwards, human souls were coming
    • therefore was not the bearer of a human Ego in the
    • ordinary sense, for the “human Ego” passes on
    • of the human senses. I emphasised then that in
    • reality man possesses twelve senses — the
    • senses of man, the senses in the physical body, would
    • have suffered a fate portending ill for human nature had
    • in man's bodily structure. But we know, too, that in this
    • same epoch the Luciferic powers began to operate in human
    • evolution and influenced the whole organism of man. If in
    • descent of man to earthly incarnations and the onset of
    • have been the same in all the other senses. The human
    • and it was averted from humanity not by anything that
    • would have befallen the human senses. It was as though
    • upon humanity in order that the senses might be saved
    • human nature. Although the first Christ Event had brought
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