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  • Title: On the Fifth Gospel: Lecture IX
    Matching lines:
    • words a mighty force flowed into the soul of the
    • foster-mother, a force of such power that the soul of the
    • twelfth year of the Nathan Jesus the soul of his mother
    • had been in the spiritual world), and permeated the soul
    • foster-mother bore within her the soul of the mother of
    • Nazareth said: “I go whither souls of your kind are
    • soul, and they gazed at him questionly. He spoke
    • “What manner of souls are you? Where is your world?
    • erring lambs. The Tempter has filled your souls with
    • souls of these others. Do you then believe that you can
    • Fata Morgana they heard words which filled their souls
    • Jordan, he met a man in whose soul there was deep
    • “Whither hath thy soul led thee? Aeons ago I saw
    • what hath thy soul led thee? Aeons ago I saw thee; then
    • Impulse in a soul. We know the story. Parsifal was the
    • with his virgin soul untouched by the mundane world...
    • foundations of the human soul, in the hidden depths of
    • Christ-Impulse was to be purely in the life of soul, in
    • not disclosed until thy soul is prepared and
    • he was to be led to the Holy Grail with a virgin soul.
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  • Title: On the Fifth Gospel: Lecture X
    Matching lines:
    • it is desired to make a deep appeal to human souls, no
    • that the human soul must so prepare to receive the
    • of the soul. The innermost core of the human
    • soul becomes an affair of the soul itself, no longer
    • human soul will contain within it forces that are
    • ought to live in my soul and lead me to the heights I
    • that the soul is gazing upwards, but now the
  • Title: On the Fifth Gospel: Lecture XI
    Matching lines:
    • from the Lemurian epoch onwards, human souls were coming
    • epoch, He “ensouled” (verseelte
    • soul-and-spirit Who through this union with the soul of
    • — was again “ensouled” by the Christ
    • healthy life of the soul is disturbed. When thinking,
    • “Nathan-Jesus soul” in the supersensible
    • worlds, bringing order and harmony into the soul-powers
    • presented to the human soul in the form of visible
    • Christ Being permeating the soul of the later Jesus boy.
    • We know now that he was the Being who was ensouled by the
    • influences from what rises out of the earth into the soul
    • Ahrimanic influences no longer creep into her soul with
    • with the soul of the later Nathan Jesus, in order that
    • and willing of the human soul, instead of the confusion
    • man's life of soul would have been cast into disorder if
    • of Apollo, the Sibyls were women whose life of soul
    • soul-faculties at the end of the Atlantean epoch had it
    • and tenor of our soul is stamped into the ether-body and
    • spiritual world it is part of the destiny of our soul,
    • ether-body through our feelings and tenor of soul. The
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