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Origins of Natural Science

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Sketch of Rudolf Steiner lecturing at the East-West Conference in Vienna.

The Origins of Natural Science

Nine lectures delivered in Dornach

December 24 to 28, 1922 and January 1 to 6, 1923


Rudolf Steiner

with an Introduction by

Owen Barfield

Copyright 1985

Anthroposophic Press

The nine lectures presented here were given in Dornach from Dec. 24 to 28, 1922 and from Jan. 1 to 6, 1923. In the Collected Edition of Rudolf Steiner's works, the volume containing the German texts is entitled, Der Entstehungsmoment der Naturwissenschaft in der Weltgeschichte und ihre seitherige Entwickelung. (Vol. 326 in the Collected Edition.) The lectures were translated by Maria St. Goar and edited by Norman Macbeth.

Copyright © 1985 Anthroposophic Press

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Steiner, Rudolf, 1861–1925. The origins of natural science.

Translation of: Die Entstehungsmoment der Naturwissenschaft in der Weltgeschichte and ihre seitherige Entwickelung.

1. Anthroposophy — Addresses, essays, lectures. 2. Science — Addresses, essays, lectures. I. Macbeth, Norman, 1910– . II. Title. BP595.S894E5713 1985 299’.935 85-11197 ISBN 0-88010-140-5 ISBN 0-88010-140-7 (pbk.)

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