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Basic Issues of the Social Question

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Sketch of Rudolf Steiner lecturing at the East-West Conference in Vienna.

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Basic Issues of the Social Question

Basic Issues: About the Author

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About the Author

Rudolf Steiner was born in Kraljevec, Austria on February 27, 1861, and died in Dornach, Switzerland, on March 30, 1925. He was a scientist, writer, lecturer and philosopher, as well as being the founder and leading light of Anthroposophy, a movement based on the belief that there is a spiritual world comprehensible to pure thought but accessible only to the highest faculties of mental (spiritual) activity.

Steiner edited Goethe's scientific works, and from 1889 to 1896 worked on the standard version of his complete works at Weimar. During this period he wrote his “Philosophy of Freedom”, then moved to Berlin to edit the literary journal “Magazin für Literatur” and to begin an extensive, life-long lecturing career.

Convinced of the possibility of spiritual perception independent of the senses, he called the activity of his research “anthroposophy”, centering on “knowledge produced by the higher self in man”. All of his many books and over 6,000 lectures are available in German and most in English as well.

The practical results of Steiner's work include approximately 800 “Waldorf” schools the world over, bio-dynamic agriculture and anthroposophical medicine. These movements continue growing and nourishing society.

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