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  • Title: Lecture: The Human Soul and the Human Body
    Matching lines:
    • such a way as if feeling were actually nothing else than an
    • in his will. But, in general, what is actually there? Nothing
    • experience is actually of the nature of soul, and we would
    • awakes: I would like to have the sugar. But what is actually
    • — for what is objectively there cannot actually be known,
    • nothing about what it actually is, but which, nevertheless, is
    • occurs automatically outside us and what we actually
    • something has actually occurred in the external world which is
    • actually inherent in all the sense organs. So that what is
    • penetrate into our body. Sense perception is an actual living
    • our soul, we experience it. This is the actual process and is
    • in its essential nature that we actually have outer reality in
    • senses, we find ourselves confronted by the actual sequence of
    • will recognize that the opposite is actually the case. The
    • clearly what it signifies as an actual picture does —
    • are actually sensory nerves. If the spinal column has been
    • our will. The sensory nerves — which are actually the
    • actually happening is not a “scouring out of motor nerve
    • organism which he calls forth through his will. It is actual
    • one designates as actual Intuition — not in the trivial
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  • Title: Lecture: Riddles of the Soul and Riddles of the Universe
    Matching lines:
    • the remarkable fact arises that the actual truth only becomes
    • form mental images or concepts about what matter actually is;
    • what actually is matter, what is substance. One who has truly
    • clarity can be brought to bear on what the actual cognitive
    • fact that one actually only seeks for the soul- spiritual
    • membering of the entirety of the human soul into the actual
    • life of will. For only the actual representational life of the
    • actual relationship between the capacity for sense perception,
    • fails to ascend to an understanding of what the ether actually
    • would actually in this field not even advance as far as the
    • that which actually persists, endures in the metabolism, it is
    • actually endures within all that is visible — he has
    • which is actually real, the final ground of bodily
    • sense perception is, to understand what actually occurs in
    • approach that which actually occurs in the metabolic processes
    • to this actually? In just the same way that the fluid processes
    • What is it that actually happens? Well, one can only really
    • seek the actual soul element of the human being, working and
    • have also distinguished inspiration and, finally, actual
    • — indeed, actually herself to call forth — what one
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