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  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture I: The Doctrine of the Logos
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    • activities upon earth; and in the earlier periods of
    • rotating earth and the sun. We can only speak of days in our
    • the earth with its movement as it is at the present time. But
    • such mutual relationship between sun and earth in connection
    • long time for our earth to evolve to its present form. (We
    • shall hear later how this earth came into existence.) But if
    • we examine the earlier states of the earth, we do not yet
    • earth. But in an imperfect, mute form he was there and little
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture II: Esoteric Christianity
    Matching lines:
    • earthly planet. To those of you who have concerned yourselves
    • earth has passed through previous states of existence and
    • another or, in other words, has passed through repeated earth
    • lives, so too has the earth passed through other life-states
    • repeated incarnations, and before the earth finally became
    • this earth of ours it had passed through a condition of being
    • earth in its earliest stages. Nov, just as there is a period
    • this planet of ours which we call the Earth, and that one we
    • incarnation of our Earth-planet, was the ether body added to
    • our Earth, the physical body stood at a second stage of its
    • last upon the Earth, the ego was added to the physical, ether
    • disintegrates and goes back into the earth kingdom. There
    • Moon and Earth. Therefore at that time, in fact — one
    • through the Sun and Moon periods as far as the Earth, we
    • the first earthly incarnation before the ego had worked upon
    • it. In the first incarnation upon the earth the ego, working
    • being will continue to work upon himself. The Earth will pass
    • our glance to sweep to the far distant future after the Earth
    • human being as he will appear to us at the end of our earthly
    • dwelt within it. At the end of the Earth's evolutionary
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  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture III: The Mission of the Earth
    Matching lines:
    • The Mission of the Earth
    • Saturn Period; it then became Life while our Earth was
    • while the Earth was passing through the ancient Moon state.
    • he became penetrated by the human ego, the Earth having now
    • creature, like a kind of seed, came over to the Earth from
    • the Earth, the light of the ego itself was now enkindled and
    • in a certain sense, we may call the Earth evolution, the
    • of Earth humanity. We must clearly understand how this
    • evolution of Earth humanity proceeded, how slowly and
    • stage of our earthly evolution which we call the ancient
    • the Earth in which men appeared in the form they, in general,
    • environment. At that time, in the beginning of his earthly
    • as should be acquired during life upon the earth, can only be
    • the Earth, which had, during its evolution, passed through
    • of our Earth is the cultivation of the principle of love to
    • When the Earth has reached the end of its evolution, love
    • clearly what is meant by the expression: The Earth is the
    • Science we say that the ancient Moon preceded the Earth. This
    • our earthly condition, our planet passed through the stage of
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  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture IV: The Raising of Lazarus
    Matching lines:
    • that in the course of human evolution, the true Earth-mission
    • which now shines down upon the earth did It have the power to
    • living God, with their earthly senses, He, the Christ, had to
    • appear upon earth in a way that made it possible for Him to
    • gift of the ego. At the end of the earth evolution, a time
    • remainder of the Earth period for its full development. The
    • a God in the way we see a human being upon earth with the
    • physical earthly senses. Previously God had remained
    • with earthly senses.
    • evolution of the earth when physical love, bound up with the
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture V: The Seven Degrees of Initiation
    Matching lines:
    • appearance of this Principle upon the earth, was not able to
    • the earth.”
    • Christ-Principle there should come into the earth-mission a
    • human evolution upon the earth, marriage took place only
    • the earth. Therefore when the astral body had been matured,
    • how His mission had to proceed in the different earthly
    • further we go back in earthly evolution, the more we find the
    • solid, earthly matter passing over into a fluidic state under
    • earth was much more fluidic than it became later on, human
    • the earth hardened, human things became materialized. At the
    • time the earth was in a fluidic condition, the human being
    • walk about upon the earth after it had already deposited
    • the earth when it was still in its fluidic state, but at that
    • upon the earth in so and so many bodies and so and so many
    • cometh from above is above all: he that is of the earth is
    • earthly and speaketh of the earth; he that cometh from
    • earthly relationship with God speaks in the poetic measure of
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture VI: The "I AM"
    Matching lines:
    • more remote periods of the earth's evolution.
    • cataclysm of our earth, a memory of which is retained in the
    • perished through great changes on our earth. It occupied
    • happened to the human being in the course of the earth's
    • earth in its various parts. If you should expect to be able
    • to find the human being upon the earth by means of this
    • appear to you as though certain regions of our earth's
    • rest of the still fluidic earth, which was either surrounded
    • present solid earth, but soft earth masses in the midst of
    • the earth an element active in fire; all was still actively
    • descending upon the surface of the earth. As a matter of
    • the ground of our earth's surface relatively late. From this
    • earth, we find that this human body becomes more and more
    • back to the very beginning of our present earthly planet. We
    • contain what we would call solid earth, and we must
    • preceded our present Earth. If you follow back as far as the
    • appear as our earth now appears, that you would find rocks
    • All that we today call mineral earth, the mineral, rocks,
    • This appeared for the first time upon our Earth,
    • When the Earth
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  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture VII: The Mystery of Golgotha
    Matching lines:
    • stands at the central point of all earthly happenings. Anyone
    • all the earthly occurrences which preceded this Event of
    • has also an ether and an astral body. Our earth has its ether
    • and astral vehicles. If our earth did not possess its own
    • earth's ether body, we must imagine its central point exactly
    • at the center of the earth where the physical earth body also
    • has its central point. This entire physical earth body is
    • clairvoyantly the astral body of the earth during the course
    • of the earth's evolution, during the course of long epochs of
    • astral body and ether body of the earth have not always
    • transplant ourselves outside beyond the earth to some other
    • looking down upon the earth from this star. He would not only
    • see the earth suspended there as a physical planet, but he
    • would see an aura about it, he would see the earth surrounded
    • by an aura of light, for he would be perceiving the earth's
    • observed the pre-Christian periods of the earth pass by and
    • Golgotha the aura of the earth, the astral and ether bodies
    • earthly relationships, as such, changed from this moment.
    • earth with their spiritual gifts, while externally the
    • physical sunlight is falling upon the earth. Therefore the
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  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture VIII: Human Evolution in its Relation to the Christ Principle
    Matching lines:
    • as a human being walking upon the earth and we shall in this
    • that we have now in our present earth. At that time mists
    • favorable in a certain region of the earth's surface which
    • earth and among the various peoples.
    • themselves here upon the earth. What primitive people of that
    • of special importance to examine the earthly relationships
    • heavens and what was happening upon the earth. According to
    • time, is to occur on earth. Even in the earliest part of the
    • the consciousness that what transpires upon the earth must
    • the earth! How much spiritual energy it requires to cause a
    • upon the earth. This event was prepared for within the third
    • greatest of all events which was to be enacted upon the earth
    • belonging to the earth also progressed to the point of
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture IX: The Prophetical Documents and the Origin of Christianity
    Matching lines:
    • brought forth a science serviceable to our earthly world; it
    • they read in the stars to the divisions of the earth. Why was
    • the earth, matter can also be controlled, and that matter,
    • same Being who then appeared upon the earth as the Christ.
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture X: The Effect of the Christ Impulse Within Mankind
    Matching lines:
    • earth. As final result of this third chapter of initiation,
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture XI: Christian Initiation
    Matching lines:
    • through its evolution upon the earth that humanity has
    • the spiritual spheres, one part peopled the earth in one
    • also through adapting himself to the region of the earth in
    • specialization of love upon the earth. Because men became
    • the Christ is the Spirit of the earth and that the earth is
    • learn with respect to the “vesture of the earth
    • the fact that the vesture of the earth — that is, the
    • garment worn by the Christ, the Spirit of the earth, has, in
    • surrounding the earth. And from this airy covering, the
    • the words which give you an explanation of how the earth as a
    • the love which is hovering about the earthly globe, which
    • the ground; the mineral earth is a lower being than the
    • it would have to say to the earth; it is true I am a higher
    • from thee, O earth, I draw most of my sustenance. If the
    • feels himself one with the entire earth-body. He feels as
    • though he were laid within and belonged to the whole earth
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture XII: The Nature of the Virgin Sophia and of the Holy Spirit
    Matching lines:
    • Christ Jesus could give to the earth what was necessary to
    • the earth those forces which make it possible for that to
    • that this earthly Jesus of Nazareth has His being only in
    • with the earth; that the Christ Himself flowed into the very
    • being of the earth. From now on, the earth was changed, and
    • that if a person had viewed the earth from a distant star, he
    • the earth, formed an alliance with it and became the Spirit
    • of the Earth. This He achieved by entering into the body of
    • remain on the earth. Now, the important thing is, that this
    • Spirit which was able to spread out over the entire earth,
    • Spirit, united with the earth, grant you illumination or
    • upon earth. This is the cosmo-historical significance of

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