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  • Title: The Manicheans
    Matching lines:
    • Lemurian Race. In the Fifth Root Race, the guidance of the soul from
    • Root Race the Father withdraws. Then the soul is widowed, becomes the
    • will prepare for that epoch in which the men of the Sixth Root Race
    • Root Race which has been in preparation since the founding of
    • Sixth Root Race.
    • in addition, a form for the Christian Life of the Sixth Root Race must
    • organization, a Form, in which the Christianity of the Sixth Root Race
    • Form of Life for the Sixth Root Race. In this Sixth Root Race, Good
    • created in man, so, in the Sixth Root Race, Evil will appear,
    • in the Sixth Root Race glimmers in many men of genius. (Nietzsche's
    • Blond Beast is a portent of this Evil in the Sixth Root Race.) The
    • task of the Sixth Root Race is to draw Evil again into itself through
  • Title: Lecture: The Work of Secret Societies in the World
    Matching lines:
    • The destruction of the fifth Root Race through the War of All
  • Title: Lecture: The Migrations of the Races
    Matching lines:
    • Fifth Root Race (Aryan), we must realize at the very outset that it is
    • Remains of the Fourth Root Race (Atlantean) are to be found in Western
    • the branches of the Fifth Root Race (Aryan) were implanted.
    • Semites) of the Fourth Root Race. We must bear in mind that to these
    • Manu of the Fifth Root Race: the civilization that proceeded from the
    • Race. The whole Fifth Root Race emerged in the Fourth Subrace. This is
    • Root Race. This can be done by Christ alone, who is the actual impulse
    • of the Fifth Root Race. The Manu had made the preparation. Christ
    • “In the course of our Fifth Root Race, thus, in the time lying
    • Root Race, an advance in human evolution of the highest importance
    • Root Races, went through their own evolution entirely on the earth.
    • Root Race, are Supersensible Individualities, who underwent the
    • on other planets. But during the Fifth Root Race, highly developed
    • Root Race onward, they will be capable of becoming the Leaders of
    • mankind. The Leader of the Sixth Root Race, in particular, will be a
    • Root Race. Such Beings have to undergo all kinds of Initiation, to be
    • initiated again and again. Hence the Fifth Root Race from its outset
    • Fifth Root Race in matters of detail. Guidance is given along general
    • Etruscan, Fathers of the Church, Fifth Root Race, Gobi, Grail, Greek,
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  • Title: Lecture: The Animal Soul
    Matching lines:
    • through the Crisis.” We now stand in the Fifth Root Race. The
  • Title: Esoteric Lesson: Muenchen, 11-1-1906
    Matching lines:
    • sexes took place in the third root race, it'll be overcome in the
    • sixth root race; this must be prepared for in the sixth sub-race.
    • separation into good and evil races. The fifth root race will perish

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