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From One Generation to Another ...
New Beginnings for the Rudolf Steiner Archive & e.Lib.


  The sad e.Librarian
With sadness and joy, I announce my retirement from the Rudolf Steiner Archive & e.Lib! It is a sad time because breaking up is hard to do, and the Archive has taken up a significant part of my life. The joy comes with all of the wonderful experiences,
  Marylin Kraker.
good and bad, that are now with me as treasure. On the good side, and most prominently, the help of Marylin Kraker! And the Archive is being turned over to someone who will breathe new life into something I hold dear. We are making the announcement now, and it will be complete at the end of this year.

Besides hanging around to help with the RS Archive, my new adventures will be in developing and presenting two new websites and related activities. Anthroposophical Publishing will attempt to publish books containing the over 3,000 Steiner lectures that have never been translated into English. Study Groups Online will offer a safe place for groups of people who gather to research and study Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy, to meet in a space with no Ads and no tracking!

For now, I leave you with a poem and a little something from the new e.Librarian at the Rudolf Steiner Archive & e.Lib, Chris Wietrzykowski.


Backward, turn backward, Oh time in thy flight,

Bring back those mem'ries, just for tonight!

Been forty-one years at the helm of this ship ...

Through good times and bad, Man Oh Man, what a trip!


A formal retirement is what I'm about

to do, so let there be no doubt

that I will find something noble to do,

Like publishing a Steiner book, or two!


Steiner says English, a universal tongue,

Will grow in importance as the future comes.

Three thousand lectures of Steiner remain

Untranslated to English, to all our disdain.


I hear the call, and with forty years' training,

The task to translate and publish remaining,

A new adventure, it's not just a wish,

For if it's in German, it should be in English!


It seems Anthroposophy is not through with me,

And I will stay true to it, just wait and see.

I'll miss you, dear Archive, but I'll not shed a tear,

While I'm technically gone, I'm really still here!

Lovingly created by the Emeritus e.Librarian ... the ee.Librarian


And from the new e.Librarian, Chris Wietrzykowski, who will be taking on this task together with his wife Karin :

Our New Website is LIVE!

  Chris Wietrzykowski
  Karin Wietrzykowski
We are excited to announce the launch of our new sister website,! Currently, the website has one version of each of Dr. Steiner's books and we plan to rapidly duplicate content currently available at In early 2021 the e.Lib, Inc. transferred its assets relating to the Rudolf Steiner Archive to the Steiner Online Library (SOL) in order to ensure this material remains freely accessible. It was determined by both organizations that building a new website with updated technology would help get Steiner's teachings out to new, tech-savvy generations. Many thanks to the Emeritus e.Librarian, James D. Stewart, for the honor of continuing his legacy. He will be focusing more on publishing and other activities at, but will also help maintain

Check out!



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Visit this site where you can find most written works by Steiner and many of his lecture series' available as free, MP3 audio book downloads. Selections are recorded and read by Dale Brunsvold.


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